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Medication Awareness and Safe Handling of Medication


Completion of this course collection carrries 5 SACE CPD points.

SACE is the South African Council for Educators and aims to enhance the status of the teaching profession through appropriate professional development.


This course will give learners an insight into the procedures that should be followed when taking charge of a person's medication outside of a health setting. It discusses requesting prescriptions, maintaining records, storing, administering and disposing of medication, self-medication and issues that might arise in the administration of medication.


The course is intended for people who are involved in looking after medication for anyone outside of a healthcare setting, including:

  • Carers in domiciliary settings
  • Carers in care homes
  • Managers of care providers
  • Family members who want to understand more about safe handling of medication

About this course

This course is split into two modules:

  • Medication Awareness
  • Safe Handling of Medicines


In this course you will learn about:

  • The principles of safe and appropriate handling of medicines set out by the Royal Pharmaceutical Society of Great Britain
  • The importance of record-keeping
  • Prescription requests
  • Medication for people who lack capacity
  • Medication storage
  • The disposal of medicines
  • Administering medication, including supporting self-administration
  • The use of monitored dosage systems
  • Privacy and confidentiality
  • Training
  • Reporting errors
  • Transfers to other settings


Here are some of the topics covered in the modules:

The importance of good record-keeping; What are Medication Administration Records?; What to request on a repeat prescription; The difference between repeat and acute medicine; Treating minor ailments; How to store medicines; The safe disposal of medicines; Administering medication; What to do if someone is unable to swallow; Covert administration of medication; The use of monitored dosage systems; What is secondary dispensing?; The importance of ensuring privacy, confidentiality and dignity; Dealing with controlled drugs; Training for care workers; Reporting errors; Transfers to other settings.